Solar power allows you to generate your own electricity to power your operations. It literally puts the power in your hands.

However, electricity is only generated during the daylight hours. For most operations, energy consumption varies throughout the day and usually carries over into evening or overnight hours.

Having a storage system allows you to keep excess energy production in reserves so that you can utilize it during peak demand hours of the day or even overnight.

This means you can take advantage of 100% of the energy you produce!

Imagine complete and total energy independence! You produce 100% of the electricity you need – nothing goes to waste!

Ag Solar Solutions is working with the top energy storage companies in the country to produce unique solutions designed just for America’s farmers. Together with custom design generators, this wholistic energy approach is changing the way farmers do business.


We look at every situation individually and tailor a custom plan accordingly. For most farmers, the answer is yes!

Including an energy storage system increases the initial investment required, but for the right operations, you’ll also see a much higher long-term return on that investment!

Our goal is to give farmers complete control over their energy. Solar + Storage + Generators with special integrator software is significantly changing the bottom line for individual farmers.

No other company in the country is investing this heavily into systems specifically for the agriculture industry. Farmers are our one and only priority!