Learn How 6 GA Farms Reap $303,193 in USDA Grants and Solar Tax Credits Before Saving 70% on Monthly Operating Expenses

American farmers have suffered some of the greatest losses as a result of high fuel and electric costs since before the recession even. With the resurgence of farm-to-table living, organic produce and locally sourced food, the demand for their toils has never been greater. Committed to the land and delivering its bounty to our tables, it’s time the tide changed in favor for the American farmer.

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Solar Energy Saves Farms

The agriculture industry remains the greatest-poised to take advantage of the financial benefits of the ongoing solar energy movement. This year alone, the USDA announced nearly $1.9 million in USDA grants for farmers to make their move to solar power. With numerous tax credits (at the state and federal level) and USDA REAP grants available, farmers are now able to offset their solar conversion costs by 50% or more. By reducing dependency on electricity by up to 70%, most of these farmers are seeing full cost recovery in just a few years time. Once farmers have converted to solar energy, their savings on utility bills is considerable allowing rural businesses to move out of the red, in many cases, for the first time in years.

“Solar power is not a new initiative for farmers. We’ve been leading the U.S. in solar energy installations at poultry farms for the past five years,” said Clay Sikes, CEO of Coastal Solar Power Company. “The benefits in financial savings are significant for farmers. We had 6 of our customers receive REAP grants to cover 25% of their costs this past year, increasing their return on investment by thousands. We want to get the facts out to the other farmers in the Southeast about the financial benefits available to them when investing in solar.”

Mike Croft of Coastal Solar and Chad Hicks of CKT Farms, LLC

Photo Credit: Mike Croft of Coastal Solar and Chad Hicks of CKT Farms, LLC

Six Georgia Farms Move Ahead With Solar

This year, Coastal Solar Power Company was proud to help six more Georgia farmers move forward with solar. Each of these extraordinary agriculture businesses received a USDA REAP grant covering 25% of their solar investment costs, along with another 30% federal solar tax credit:

  1. Durrence Farms in Collins, GA installed a new 20 kW PV solar solution for their two broiler houses.
  2. Halter Farms in Collins, GA installed a new 36 kW PV solar solution for their four broiler houses.
  3. CKT Farms, LLC in Collins, GA installed a new 60.1 kW PV solar installation for their six broiler houses.
  4. Hicks Farms LLC in Collins, GA installed a new 70 kW PV solar solution for their three breeder houses.
  5. Tootle Farms in Reidsville, GA installed a new 80 kW PV solar solution for their eight broiler houses.
  6. Winton Kennedy in Glennville, GA installed a new 20kW PV solar solution for their two broiler houses.

If you are an American farmer struggling with high fuel and electric costs, this is the best time to explore your options in renewable energy. Call Coastal Solar at 844-765-2793 for your free consultation. We would love to help you build your own Return-on-Investment (ROI) to move ahead, and out of the red!

About Coastal Solar Power Company

Coastal Solar Power Company is headquartered in Hinesville, GA with several satellite offices and a national reach, and has been serving Southeast-area homeowners, commercial building owners and farmers, since 2013. Owner and CEO Clay Sikes founded the company as a division of The Sikes Group, a leading real estate company with 46 years of experience. The solar business has grown to more than 50 employees, all of whom are dedicated to help fellow Americans move forward with renewable energy solutions to “Own the Power”. Coastal Solar is committed to environmental protection and community service. To find out more, visit www.coastalsolar.com or call (912) 332-1109.

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