Project Description

Triple O Farms

At the age of 60, Anthony Orr happily lives together with his parents, both 83 years old, so that he can focus all of his energy on this true passion: His Poultry Farming operation, Triple O Farms.

Each year, he spends more than $20,000 on utility costs. We developed a 72kw system with more than 200 solar panels! This system is anticipated to offset as much 65% of his monthly bills.

Once the system is paid for, this means he could keep an additional $1,100 in his pocket each month! Even better news: He could see his entire system (one that could last for more than 20 years) paid for in less than three years.

We also helped Mr. Orr apply for a USDA REAP grant. If selected, his internal rate of return would be 24%. But, even without that grant, he expects an internal rate of return of 16%!! That sure is better than most of us will ever do investing in the risky stock market.

We met Anthony Orr through a partnership with William Dove of Superior Poultry Supply. William Dove lives to help poultry farmers, so when he gives his approval – you know he’s steering you in the right direction.

It’s been a blessing to meet and work with such a passionate poultry farmer, and we’re excited to help many more!

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