kennedy farms solar project - angled view of solar panels
kennedy farms solar project - solar panels on poultry barn

Kennedy Farms

Early in the fall of 2016, Winton Lee Kennedy, a poultry and row crop farmer in Tattnall County, decided to explore the possibility of implementing and using solar power on his two-house poultry farm in Glennville, GA. With the guidance and assistance of Coastal Solar Power Company in Hinesville, GA., Mr. Kennedy entered into an agreement for Coastal Solar to design and install a solar array system that would mitigate between 65%-70% of his annual utility costs.

To help offset the cost of the proposed system. Coastal Solar assisted Mr. Kennedy in applying for a REAP Grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This 25% grant, along with the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) would offset the cost of the proposed system by 55% making for a very favorable Internal Rate of Return. Along with the MACRS Accelerated Depreciation Schedule for businesses, Mr. Kennedy’s pay-back time was estimated to be between 3-4 years.

Unfortunately, about the time construction was to begin, Mrs. Kennedy was diagnosed with serious health issues. The anticipated large amount of impending medical bills associated with Mrs. Kennedy’s illness made it impossible for the Kennedys to proceed with their much-anticipated poultry solar project.

Coastal Solar assured the Kennedys that they would assist in any and every way possible, regardless of the amount of time involved. Over the next several months, Coastal Solar stayed in contact with the USDA regarding the grant application and in the spring of 2017, the Kennedys were awarded a UDSA Grant. This, along with Mrs. Kennedy’s improving health, made it possible for the project to get back on track and the installation of the solar array system was completed in June of 2017. The Kennedys have enjoyed a significant reduction in their utility costs since June and was so impressed with the professional manner in which Coastal Solar assisted them, both professionally and personally, that they referred Coastal Solar to Mrs. Kennedy’s sister and brother-in-law, Anne and Richard Hanck. The Hancks were duly impressed and had Coastal Solar design and install a 5.12 kw system for their residence in Glennville, GA..

This is just one example of how Coastal Solar has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist clients in their quest to not only save a considerable amount of money on their utility bills while providing a hedge against inflationary rising grid power costs, but also to help protect the delicate ecological balance on earth. Coastal Solar stands ready to assist you on the exciting and rewarding adventure of implementing and using solar power on your residence, your business, and/or your agriculture endeavors.