Why Solar Power?

Solar Power provides an immediate boost to farmers’ bottom line. Just like other equipment, it’s depreciable. Plus, state and local incentives along with the USDA Reap Grant can pay for the majority of the installation costs.

Solar Power Systems for Ag Solar Solutions have a warranty that’s good for up to 25 years. And, we’re backed by one of the most reputable solar power companies in the nation – Coastal Solar.

With up to a 26% internal rate of return, Solar Power may be the best investment you’ll ever make.

  • Solar Power is more affordable than ever

  • Solar Power provides operation efficiency which could increase your grower grade score

  • Ag Solar has a team of experts to navigate local and industry-specific financial incentives and maximize your return on investment.

  • Payback periods as low as 3-5 years

  • The full 26% federal tax credit is only available for a limited time

  • 25-Year Production Warranty for peace of mind

  • Improve cash flow to invest in other critical areas

Real-World Financial Example

Solar Energy System


26% Investment Tax Credit


Section 129 Depreciation




Annual Solar Savings




Payback Period: 2 years

Internal Rate of Return: 28%

Why Ag Solar Solutions?

Ag Solar Solutions has taken a wholistic approach to sustainability in the agriculture industry. We believe there is a compelling value proposition for businesses to engage farmers with renewable energy solutions, specifically solar. We don’t design systems to maximize size; we design them to maximize the return on investment. Our team considers each farmer’s individual needs and meets with their accountants if necessary. Then, we develop the optimal solution to reduce liabilities, increase cashflow, and provide long-term stability.

Our experience working with farmers has led to a 98% success rate in USDA REAP Grant acquisition. As a demonstration of our commitment to sustainability, we at Ag Solar have planted more than 650,000 trees in just the last five years, and we have another 350,000 already planned.

Ag Solar Solutions worker looking out over a farm


Being a breeder farm, my houses pull a lot more energy than broiler houses. My average yearly electric bill is about $25,000. Due to the age of my houses and the high cost of energy, I needed tax credits. After looking at the numbers, my accountant said the decision to go solar was a “no brainer.” I noticed a drastic reduction of about 50% on my electric bill immediately. I would recommend Ag Solar to anyone considering going solar. They are very professional, easy to get along with, and stay on schedule.

Kenny Hicks

I compared usage for a five-month period from 06/2016 – 11/2016 with the same period of 2015. In 2015, my farm consumed 75,000kWh at a cost of $9852.18. In the same time during 2016 we used 47,640 kWh at a cost of $5,905.83 from our electric provider. We have a 36% savings in kWh and a 40% savings in expense. This is during one of the hottest stretches in recorded history. I can only presume our total kWh usage would have been significantly higher this year without solar.

Wayne Brannen