Our sales team recently traveled to Minneapolis to attend PEAK, the largest Poultry conference in North America. PEAK stands for progress, experience, advancement, and knowledge. PEAK is focused on the business and food production in poultry and offers a full array of networking events, education, and a large trade show experience. Almost 3,000 people attend this event, representing over 35 states and 16 international countries. 

This amazing opportunity to connect with so many poultry farmers across North America was invaluable for our team. As VP of Sales Jeff Cliett, says “Meeting customers and discussing their needs, learning about the industry and potential challenges faced and networking with other vendors and industry experts provides an exciting experience.”

Our team was able to share with farmers the impact that investing in solar can have on their operations! By investing in solar, farmers can increase cost savings, take advantage of tax incentives, and even attract eco-conscious consumers. 

 “Having a good understanding of the poultry marketplace helps us provide the best possible energy management programs to help our customers meet their economic and environmental goals,” says Jeff, VP of sales. We can’t wait for next year’s PEAK and all the opportunities between now and then to connect with farmers who are interested in building a more sustainable future! Ag Solar Solutions is committed to building a brighter tomorrow for farmers across the country.