solar panels

Farmers across the country are discovering the benefits of solar power. For some, it’s about mitigating their energy costs associated with operations. For others, solar power can become an additional source of reliable revenue when traditional crops have poor yield or when lower demand eliminates their profit margins.

As our Director of Sustainable Solutions for Agriculture, Mike Croft, always says, “Sunlight just happens to be one of the key components that makes farming work. And farming sunlight itself is just about the easiest crop a farmer will ever have the opportunity to grow.”

Investing in solar power also allows farmers to have more depreciable equipment on the books, hedge against rising energy costs, and create a more stable future for future generations. Not to mention, it’s a great way to improve the environment – the one that has made their entire livelihood possible.

The Washington Post has taken notice in their recent article by Genevieve Bookwalter, “The Next Money Crop for Farmers: Solar Panels”. We encourage you to read the full article here.