Making History for a Louisiana Poultry Farm

You know you are making an impact when you land on the front page. That’s exactly what happened for Ag Solar Solutions’ parent company, Coastal Solar, when, according to the Natchitoches Times, we helped Robyn Caskey’s six-house egg production farm become one of the “first in the state to install solar panels to offset utility costs.”

When energy costs make up as much as 30-40% of your operating expenses, a way to dramatically reduce your power bill is an easy decision that has an immediate impact on growers’ bottom line.

Farmer Robyn Caskey said, “If it was a way to save me money, I was open to it.” Caskey noted that solar power was a way for poultry growers to responsibly use “what the Good Lord gave us”.

Our own Mike Croft, Suzanne Walker, and Keith Freeman are featured in the article along with Jerry Romero of the LSU AgCenter.

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