Winter days and solar arrays…

…working together like it’s meant to be! All across the US, farmers are taking advantage of the 50% USDA REAP Grant as well as the POWER and cost saving opportunity that SOLAR provides!

Right now, the USDA is offering a 50% Grant which could cover up to 50% of renewable energy project costs.

Fight back against  inflation.

We know, as much as anyone, the battle that YOU are facing as a farmer or small business owner against inflation.

Inflation silently erodes your money.

Year after year, we often don’t realize the major effects inflation has on our operations.

Solar can be a hedge of protection for you with rising costs in all expenses, including electricity rates.

We don’t want you to MISS the opportunity that’s on the table! If you are unsure if you qualify, click the button below or give us a call at 844-771-0787.