U.S. Congressman Buddy Carter recently talked about the success of Ag Solar Solutions’ parent company,  Coastal Solar, during the Renewable Energy Select Committee Hearing. This comes after his office reached out to Ag Solar Solutions owner and CEO, Clay Sikes, because of our track record of helping farmers throughout the southeast. Our reputation for quality work and a focus on creating the best systems with the greatest ROI has been heard throughout the country. The Congressman wanted to know more about how our systems have benefited farmers in his district and beyond.

Clay Sikes told the Congressman, in part,
“As you know, our laser focus has been helping farmers with renewable energy options. These options (solar + storage) dramatically improve the bottom line for individual farmers. Since we have ‘pioneered’ in agriculture, the information we’ve accumulated is not known broadly – and farmers and the public need to know what an advantage renewable energy is.”

In fact, we’ve been so successful in working with rural farms and businesses, that we have a 98% success rate in REAP Grant Acquisitions for qualifying installations. We write grants on behalf of our clients to make the process easy and more successful.

By investing so heavily in our nation’s farmers, we’ve become the foremost expert in the industry, even partnering with international companies who have seen our work and understand the vision for the greater good for agriculture throughout the country and even the world.

During the testimony, Congressman Carter said,

“I want to mention one company in particular in our district – Coastal Solar. They’ve really found a niche here. In fact, they’ve really been able to go into the rural areas, particularly to the chicken farmers, and they’ve got solar panels where they’ve helped the chicken farmers. And a lot of the farmers there in the rural communities are using this and using this to great advantage. And it’s really helped us. Coastal Solar is one of the reasons why we’re seeing Georgia as one of the top 10 states in solar energy. And, not only that, they’re creating jobs!”

We’re so proud of the work we’ve done to help both small and large businesses and farmers in our communities. If your operation could use a leg up on the competition, or if you just need the financial stability that comes with energy independence – give us a call! We design ROI-Focused solar power systems, and we’ll give you an honest assessment of if it’s right for your situation.

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