CKT Farms Case Study

Quick Facts:

  • Type: 60KW Grid-Tied, Optimized Roof Mount

  • Date: 08/23/2016

  • Location: Tattnall County, GA

  • Benefits: 4-year ROI

  • Reap Grant Recipient

Project Overview

Chad Hendrix is a hard-working businessman with a diverse portfolio including a trucking company, a row crop farm, and six broiler houses. He saw some of our other customers installing solar power on their farms, and when he thought about his children’s future running the operation, he decided it was time to act.

We were not the only company he reached out to. However, he decided to partner with Ag Solar Solutions because of our strong history in the poultry industry and local contacts who gave us praise.

During our work, we even discovered an issue with his utility provided power source that would cause some of his equipment to wear faster than normal. We went above and beyond and solved this issue, adding life to all of his electricity-consuming equipment while saving him hundreds of thousands of dollars in electrical costs.