The Next Money Crop for Farmers: Solar Panels

Farmers across the country are discovering the benefits of solar power. For some, it’s about mitigating their energy costs associated with operations. For others, solar power can become an additional source of reliable revenue when traditional crops have poor yield or when lower demand eliminates their profit margins. As our [...]

Is Your Poultry Farm Wasting Power and Losing Money?

Discover the 5 Most Common Sources of Energy Inefficiency, and How to Stop the Bleeding Poultry farms use a lot of energy. In fact, aside from property costs, energy and fuel are usually the number one expense. That’s why, any savings you can find in your energy costs, even small [...]

Best New Poultry Farm Equipment for 2019 and Beyond

The Future Is Here for Robotics and Automation in Your Poultry Houses Running a poultry farm carries consistent and unavoidable challenges, such as: Disease outbreaks among chickens Collecting eggs from the floor Keeping your chickens active and not just standing around Dead chickens that need to be removed Feed, water, [...]

Are Summer Energy Demands Killing Your Poultry Farm Profits?

The best strategy to Protect Your Chickens While Growing Your Earnings Hot chicken is great when you’re sitting down to eat. But when living chickens get too hot in your poultry houses, you stand to lose big money. Heat-stressed chickens grow less, lay fewer eggs, and drink more water. That [...]