Our work with poultry farmers all over the country has captured the attention of many in the industry — from growers to integrators and those that help keep things running for both. 

American Poultry Magazine reached out to learn more about why our name keeps appearing over and over again. Writer Tony Lancaster interviewed our CEO, Clay Sikes, to find out what makes solar such a great opportunity and why Ag Solar Solutions has chosen to pioneer the efforts for everyone working with poultry. 

coastal solar feature in a magazine

From the article, 

Obviously, Ag Solar Solutions is in business to sell solar, but if you have one conversation with Clay or the multitude of family and co-workers working along side him, you will quickly realize a much higher calling is at play within the Georgia based company. “We’re here to serve, not to sell, ” appears to be the unwritten company motto.  “No matter the location, we work all over America putting up solar on poultry operations,” continues Clay. “Our projects range from Alton, Illinois to Calhoun, Georgia, we go to where we are called to help. Over the years many things have changed in solar, but the largest are the increased efficiency in solar technology, falling prices in battery capacity, and the rising cost of electricity. Now is the best time to invest in a solar installation as a farmer. With grants, tax incentives, and an available accelerated depreciation schedule, solar systems will provide financial benefits for years to come.” 

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